Planet Takeout is an interactive, multiplatform documentary on the role of Chinese takeouts as a vital cultural crossroads in Boston and beyond. The project was incubated at WGBH Radio as part of the nationwide Localore initiative aimed at spurring innovation in public media.

The project embedded in four takeouts in diverse neighborhoods in Boston to tell stories from both sides of the takeout counter, as well as soliciting stories and photos from listeners across the country about their local takeouts.

Val Wang reported features airing on WGBH Radio 89.7 and worked with developers Zeega and designers Golden Arrows to design a groundbreaking interactive website.



Note: the website, with code from ancient times (2012), is temporarily unavailable right now. I am working to get it back online soon. Below please see some video navigations.

The website would first load into an immersive scene of the restaurant from the customer’s point of view:


Clicking the cats would take you into short videos and narrated slideshows: 


You could also switch into the perspective of the restaurant’s workers and hear stories from their point of view: